6 dreamy things about organically grown cotton from Alva

That fabric made from organically farmed cotton is soft to the touch is delightful, however there are several other positive effects from using organic cotton that make us sleep soundly and dream sweet dreams. Below we list 6 of the reasons why you should sleep in bed linen from Alva.

  1. Organic cotton is farmed without pesticides, meaning no chemicals poisoning the farmers or irritating your skin.
  2. Alva’s organic cotton is farmed with rain water, no additional water is added.
  3. Organic cotton makes it possible to grow food and other crops nearby. This means more food for more people, and an extra revenue stream for the farmers.
  4. The soil stays healthier through crop rotation and insects and pests have a harder time establishing in the crops.
  5. No costly and genetically modified cotton seeds are used when farming organically.
  6. The farmers get more money for their cotton compared to conventional farming. 

When you shop from Alva, not only are you getting the softest and highest quality bed linen, you also get a product created with care for humanity and the environment. If you want to read more about how we source our cotton, read about Chetna Organic here.

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Sleep well!
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