Alva supports Chetna through ongoing crisis

Currently the farmers of Chetna Organic are facing one of their most serious challenges ever. Several of their collaboration partners have cancelled their cotton orders from last year?s harvest, and now there is no or little money to pay salaries or for purchasing non-genetically modified seeds to sow for next year?s harvest. Wanting to help them ease this burden, Alva is supporting Chetna with USD 12,000

Your choice makes a difference!

We at Alva are passionate about changing a dirty and unfair cotton industry, currently an industry where the end buyer?s money rarely reaches the cotton farmers. Since the launch of Alva in July of 2018, more than 1,000 people have made the active choice to buy bed linen from Alva. We hope this means that you sleep well at night, knowing that you have contributed to improving the working and living conditions for cotton farmers and their families.

9 truths about your sheets that should give you nightmares

We are an increasing number of people carefully considering what we eat and what consequences that has for our bodies and our planet. But how many of us spend a second thought on the sheets we wrap ourselves in every night? Below are 9 hard facts about your sheets that should make you think twice.

For us, Fairtrade is a given

A direct effect of the increasing consumer awareness are the number of certifications and labels that have cropped up within the textile industry. As consumer this could be a jungle to navigate through, in terms of what the different certifications entail and which of them have actual substance.

 6 dreamy things about organically grown cotton from Alva

That fabric made from organically farmed cotton is soft to the touch is delightful, however there are several other positive effects from using organic cotton that make us sleep soundly and dream sweet dreams. Below we list 6 of the reasons why you should sleep in bed linen from Alva.