For us, Fairtrade is a given

The Fairtrade certification was initially kept mainly within the grocery sector, however has since inauguration expanded to include other sectors, one being the cotton industry. Here Fairtrade focuses on supporting the part of the supply chain under most strain; cotton farmers in developing countries. The farmers’ dire social and financial situation in countries with extreme poverty forms the basis for when establishing criteria for Fairtrade certified cotton.

Your purchase from Alva makes a difference

When buying from Alva you do not only get exquisitely soft bed linen, but also a promise that the cotton used comes from farmers who gets fair pay for their product. The Fairtrade premium we pay per each product is reinvested in infrastructure, agricultural development and education. That is the Fairtrade promise, a promise you can trust.

We at Alva are proud over our cotton not only being 100% organic, but also Fairtrade certified. With bed linen from Alva you can sleep well with a clear conscience. Because everyone deserves sweet dreams.

Help us make a difference, swap to organic cotton – buy our bed linen here.

Sweet dreams!

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